Sydney Markets Fresh Fruit Vegetable & Flower Report
27 February - 5 March 2017


New season Williams pears from Shepparton in Victoria are sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Depending on the size, Williams pears are $2-$4 a kilo. Add flavoursome pear slice to salads, team with rocket, parmesan and toasted walnuts or bake a batch of these moist and delicious pear and pecan muffins.

Riverina rockmelons and honey melons are extra flavoursome. When selecting a rockmelon choice one with a pleasant aroma and feels heavy for its size. Once cut, store melons covered in the refrigerator. Rockmelons are selling for $2.50-$4 each.

Apple harvesting is underway across the country. New season varieties fresh off the orchards include Royal Gala, Fuji, Jonathon and Granny Smith. Storing apples in the crisper section of the refrigerator maintains their crunchy texture. Depending on variety apples are selling for $3-$7 a kilo.

Premium quality table grapes are plentiful this week. Select from Black Muscat, natural Sultana, Thompson seedless, Maroon seedless and Crimson seedless. There is also a new variety called Cotton Candy worth a taste test. Depending on variety grapes will sell from between $4-$12 a kilo.

New season Australian grown Sheppard avocados are the best eating avocado at this time of year at $2.50-$4 each. This pear shaped avocado with a smooth green skin, has a butter flavour and does not brown (oxidise) once cut.

Don’t miss out on flavoursome plums, bursting with colour and flavour. Autumn Giant, Angelino, Sugar plums, Tegan Blue and October Sun are all in season. Plums are selling for $3-$7 a kilo, depending on variety. These easy plum tarts are scrumptious. Ultra-tasty and healthy Queen Garnet plums are $17-$20 a kilo.

Fresh figs are a luscious treat. In fact figs are 55% natural sugar, the highest sugar content of any common fruit. Figs also share a trait with pineapple and papaya leaves: they contain an enzyme that digest proteins and can therefore be used to tenderize meats. You can enjoy figs for around $1-$3 each, depending on size.

Australia grown Valencia oranges are sweet and juicy. You will notice that the skin on the Valencia orange at this time of year has a green tinge; this simply means the fruit is sun ripened and extra sweet. Expect to pay $2 -$3 a kilo. 3 kilo net bags are $5 -$6 a kilo.

Snap up late season peaches and nectarines, now retailing at $3-$6 a kilo, depending on variety and size. Perfect for a juicy snack or enjoy them roast or poach for a fruity dessert. Most varieties are now clingstone.


If you are looking for an ingredient that is rich in flavour, super healthy and very easy to prepare then you can’t go pass mushrooms. They cook in minutes and add loads of umami flavour to stir-fries, casseroles and pizza toppings. Mushrooms are the only ingredient in the fresh produce aisle to supply vitamin D. Mushrooms $10-$13 a kilo.

Glossy skinned and heavy for their size, eggplants are versatile and delicious. This delicious Japanese-style eggplant dish Miso & chilli-glazed roasted eggplant can be served as a side dish or accompanied with rice or soba noodles for a light meal. Eggplants are $3-$7 a kilo.

Victorian grown celery is a top buy at $2.50-$4 a bunch. Celery is a foundation ingredient in many soups, sauces and casseroles and adds a refreshing crunch to salads; it also makes a healthy addition to school lunch boxes, especially teamed with peanut butter.

Tempt the family with roasted carrots, carrot juice, carrot cake and honey and sesame seed stir-fried carrots or add carrots to a healthy stir-fry. Quality Tasmania carrots are $1.50-$2.50 a kilo.

Beetroot is an under rated vegetable that is all too often over looked. Its sweet earthy flavour is delicious raw or cooked. Peel beetroot and sliced thinly to enjoy in salads, roasted whole wrapped in foil until tender, serve warm whole or dice and add to a risotto. Beetroot are $3-$4 a bunch, so add some colour to your diet.

In abundance in summer, fragrant basil teams well with ripe tomatoes, soft cheese like feta or ricotta and pasta. Choose vibrant basil with firm leaves and a distinct fresh aroma. Basil retails at $3-$3.50 a bunch.

For value, quality and ease of preparation corn on the cob is a winner. Corn is a top buy at 80¢-$1 per cob.


Late summer – early autumn is a fabulous time for a whole range of glorious flowers. We highly recommend lisianthus, dahlia, celosia, pineapple lily, snap dragon, Siam tulips, sedum, beehive ginger, sunflowers, kale, roses, chrysanthemums, hanging amaranth, dancing lady, tulips and tiger lily.

Prices quoted in this report are only relevant for the week of the report. All prices are estimates only as prices vary depending on variety, size and quality of produce and the trading area. For further information please contact Sue Dodd, Retail Support Manager on tel 0438 725 453.

Published On 2017-02-12 21:45:00

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